QSI 600 Series

Part#: QSI600

Price: $7,790.00

PlaneWave is an authorized dealer for QSI CCD Cameras and can provide all the most popular cameras including the 600 series with 8300 sensor or Built-in OAG.  Click on the Downloads tab below for diagrams showing  all the adapters you will need to attach a SBIG camera to any of our CDK telescopes.


QSI 632WSG-8 Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter, 8-Position CFW & Built-In OAG   -  $7,790.00

  • This QSI 632WSG-8 CCD Camera comes with a mechanical shutter, 8-position color filter wheel and internal off-axis guider.
  • Employs an 3.2mp Kodak full-frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology for high quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and low noise performance.
  • The QSI 632WSG-8 CCD Camera is noted for its compact design and power efficiency in a high performance, full-featured scientific CCD camera.
  • Supported by industry leading image acquisition software and development tools are available for creating custom Windows or Linux imaging applications.
  • The QSI 632WSG-8 CCD Camera provides 16-bit output, high Speed USB 2.0 and read rates up to 8 MHz.


QSI 683CWS-8 Color CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter & Internal 8-Position CFW     -     $4,290.00

  • The QSI 683CWS-8 Color CCD Camera features a mechanical shutter and internal 8-position color filter wheel.
  • Full-frame 8.3 megapixel color CCD sensor incorporates RGB color filters built into the CCD for single-shot color imaging without additional filters.
  • The QSI 683CWS-8 Color CCD Camera employs a single-shot color 8.3mp Kodak KAF-8300 sensor.
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed, 16-bit output and dual read rates of 800kHz and 8MHz.
  • The QSI 683CWS-8 Color CCD Camera was developed to meet your specific medical, astronomical or industrial imaging objectives.
  • Custom 2-stage TEC supporting regulated cooling to greater than 45C.