Bisque Paramount ME II Mount

Part#: 600103

Price: $15,000.00

The Paramount ME II features a more robust frame than it's predecessor the ME, while retaining the accuracy and performance you expect from a Software Bisque mount.  With 8" RA and declination bearings, virtually backlash-free belt-drive and a  maximum of 7 arc seconds of periodic error before correction, the MEII is a popular choice for the CDK12.5, 17 and 20" telescopes.


Paramount ME II

Control system electronics MKS 5000
Counterweight shaft diameter 1.875 in. (ME II also accepts the ME counterweight shaft)
Counterweights 30 lb (14 kg), 2 included
Declination bearing 8-in (48 contact points)
Declination gear diameter 9.5 in.
Declination housing 5 in. x 0.5 in. wall 6061 aluminum tubing
Declination shaft diameter 3.0 in.
Declination worm diameter 1.0 in.
Degrees past meridian 45
Motor diameter 2.3 in.
Motor torque 30 in-oz
Physical hard stop position Configurable
Power supply 200 W
Right ascension bearing 8 in. (48 contact points)
Right ascension gear diameter 11.4 in.
Right ascension housing 7 in. x 0.5 in. wall 6061 aluminum tubing
Right ascension shaft diameter 3.0 in.
Right ascension worm diameter 1.0 in.
Software included
  • · TheSkyX Professional Edition
  • · TPoint Add On
  • · Camera Add On
  • · Multi-OS and Six License Add On for Mac and Windows
Through the mount cabling Large diameter cable conduits (no mount disassembly required)
USB ports on Instrument Panel Two (2)
Weight (mount) 84 lb (38 kg)
Weight capacity (total payload without counterweights) 240 lb (109 kg)
Maximum slew rate 4 degrees per second in right ascension and declination

**Specifications subject to change without notice.


Counterweight - (One extra Counterweigh is required to balance the CDK20)

The Paramount MEII comes with two 30 lb  counterweights. The CDK20 weighs 140 lbs. and usually requires 2 additional counterweights.

Price: $350 each


Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar -

This is an optional accessory and is not included with the Paramount ME but may be needed to counterbalance the CDK20 when used with heavier imaging equipment. The Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar screws into the end of the Standard Counterweight shaft for additional counterweight capacity.

Dimensions: 178 mm (7 in.) long and 48 mm (1.875 in.) in diameter.

The combined length of the standard counterweight shaft plus the counterweight extension shaft is 178 mm or 24-in. (Software Bisque used to sell a Long Counterweight Shaft. This product replaces the Long Counterweight Shaft.)

Price: $175


600151 - The Paramount ME II Large Dovetail is an optional accessory that enables the Paramount ME II’s Versa-Plate to accept  the Planewave CDK17/20/24 dovetail. The large dovetail is rated to carry 113 kb (250 lb.).

Price: $299


CDK17 and Paramount MEII System Price:   $40,174

CDK 17 170101 $22,000
3.5” Hedrick Focuser 200340 $1,000
EFA Electronic Focus Accessory 240901 $1,000
Paramount MEII 600103 $15,000
Paramount MEII Versa Plate Accessory 600151 $299
Extension bar 600132 $175
Two extra 30# Counter Weights 600129 $700
TOTAL $40,174