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Pluto Occultation

Submitted November 16, 2012 by Planewave Instruments

© Rowe, Dave; Hedrick,Richard; Haberman, Joe; Jason Fournier; Paquette, Andre

Planewave CDK20
508mm aperture, F6.8

Lumenera SKYnyx 2.0m

No filters
2s exposures

2s exposures taken from 10:30:16 UT to 11:39:07 UT using K3CCD software
Frames converted from 12-bit AVI to 16-bit PNG using K3CCD
PNG files converted to FITS format using MaximDL
Dark frame calibration performed on all frames with AIP4WIN 2.0
Raw aperture photometry for 7 stars plus the target extracted with AIP4WIN 2.0
Vmag for 7 stars in the field obtained through VizieR from NOMAD1 data
Instrument magnitudes calculated for 7 stars in each frame and referenced back to known Vmag
Average delta from Vmag for the 7 stars applied to the target’s instrument magnitude to estimate Vmag for the target

No photometry was taken of UCAC2 25823784 or Pluto individually.
Timestamps are good to within +/- 1s
Timestamps mark the beginning of each frame


Images, photometry, and processing by Andre Paquette

Initial prep work and assistance by Dave Rowe

Curve fitting by Frank Suits

Optics by Rick Hedrick and Joe Haberman at Planewave Instruments

All made possible through the Pinto Valley Observatory and Team

VizieR and Aladin sky atlas were used to extract star magnitudes and locations.