Posted: December 15, 2021

Shelby Stubbe (BS Engineering Physics, University of Arizona) has 12 years of experience in the telescope industry and has been with PlaneWave Instruments for over 5 years.  In addition to managing the PlaneWave Engineering Department, Shelby oversees the integration and testing of the optical systems and mounts for each of PlaneWave’s observatory class telescopes.

At the University of Arizona, Shelby participated in experimental research projects varying from Space Biology to Beam Foil Spectroscopy and Atom Interferometry.  Studying in the Physics, Engineering, and Optical Sciences departments, he gained a wide range of knowledge and experience across a number of engineering disciplines.

After leaving the University of Arizona, Shelby worked as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager at EOS Technologies.  He gained significant experience with large robotic telescope systems from his oversight of site integration, alignment and acceptance testing of telescopes in the 1-2 meter class.  While with EOST, he acted as project manager for the successful completion of systems such as the 1.3m SkyMapper Telescope, 2.4m Lick Automated Planet Finder and the 2.4m Thai National Telescope.