Miratlas and PlaneWave Instruments Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Laser Communications


Colorado Spring, CO, April 10, 2024 – PlaneWave Instruments, a leading provider of advanced Optical Ground Stations, and Miratlas, an innovative company specializing in atmospheric monitoring technology, are proud to announce their strategic partnership aimed at advancing the field of direct-to-Earth laser communications.

Miratlas, founded in 2018 by CEO Jean-Édouard Communal, Ph.D., and CTO Frédéric Jabet, brings to the partnership a wealth of expertise in passive atmospheric sensing techniques. Their cutting-edge technology utilizes stars and the sun as references to characterize atmospheric absorption and scattering to optimize direct-to-earth laser communication and robotic telescope operation.

“Miratlas is excited to partner with PlaneWave Instruments to bring our atmospheric monitoring technology to the forefront of laser communications,” said Jean-Édouard Communal, Ph.D. CEO of Miratlas. “Our collaboration will revolutionize the industry by providing comprehensive atmospheric characterization services, essential for optimizing the planning and operations of the optical ground segment necessary to laser communication.”

“We see PlaneWave Instruments as a critical supplier for Optical Ground Stations and are delighted to work together and benefit from their expertise in the vertical integration of telescope systems,” adds Frédéric Jabet. The partnership between PlaneWave Instruments and Miratlas was initiated several years ago but was revitalized amid the recent surge in market growth and government interest in laser communications. PlaneWave, known for its expertise in telescope systems, recognized the potential of Miratlas’ technology to enhance the performance and reliability of laser communication networks.”

“We are thrilled to rekindle our partnership with Miratlas and leverage their advanced atmospheric monitoring solutions,” said Eric Blackhurst, Vice President of Business Development at PlaneWave Instruments. “By integrating Miratlas’ technology into our offerings, we aim to provide US customers with the ability to properly characterize and manage optical communications links from their ground networks. As the selected partner to bring Miratlas’ technology to America, PlaneWave is excited to expand its reach beyond Europe and provide both sales and installation support.”


The partnership between PlaneWave Instruments and Miratlas was officially announced today at the 39th annual Space Symposium, where both companies showcased their collaborative efforts to industry leaders and stakeholders. The announcement coincided with the unveiling of new product developments, including the world’s first fisheye-based radiometric cloud imager camera, drastically reducing its footprint, installation, and maintenance facilitation of the profilication of Miratlas’ Sky Monitor ahead of PlaneWave Instruments Optical Ground Stations.

For more information about Miratlas, visit their website at Miratlas.com.



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