Montgomery Bell Academy’s Long Mountain Observatory near McMinnville, TN was completed in 2011. The observatory is equipped with a PlaneWave CDK 24 telescope and integrated rotating focuser on a PlaneWave Ascension 200HR mount. The
telescope is equipped with an SBIG STL 11000M camera with Astrodon filters to permit RGB and narrow band imaging as well as photometry and exoplanet light curve research.


MBA has built the observatory at this location because the altitude and dark skies make it very favorable for astronomical observations and imaging.

Approximately 150 acres of pristine land set on a beautiful mountain top among beautiful woodlands it is the school’s new mountain retreat. The property is situated within a 1300 acre tract of land purchased by several alumni who have both an interest in environmental protection and mountain residential living. The developers have carefully planned the property so that much of the land will remain in pristine condition.

Long Mountain Observatory