PlaneWave’s Vertical Integration Helps Ensure Customers Receive Highest Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices

PlaneWave Instruments is focused on vertical integration. We have been from the beginning. Our increased capacity, reduced overhead, and manufacturing innovations allow us to create high quality equipment at affordable prices.

Design, optical production, fabrication, assembly, and quality control are all performed in-house by our expert team. PlaneWave even designs and builds our own robotic optics machines. Our approach and innovation allow us to create superior products and value for our customers. Over the last few years we have continued pushing the barriers to improve our production capabilities and in house offerings. Contact your representative at PlaneWave, or give us a call at (310) 639 – 1662 as we are here to help your project succeed.

Our 57-acre headquarters is continuing to grow and expand with new onsite manufacturing buildings.

Machining, optics figuring and coating, and quality control testing facilities are just a few of our on site capabilities.