PlaneWave Instruments is pleased to introduce the T-600 Series Gimbal. Designed to operate in Alt/Az, equatorial, and Alt/Alt configurations, this high-performance direct-drive gimbal will set a new standard for value and capability. Meant for applications with the most demanding requirements, it is the next generation of PlaneWave’s stand-alone gimbals. 

“The T-Series was engineered to overcome the challenges we came across in our previous designs,” explained Richard Hedrick, President and CEO of PlaneWave. “It’s important to us that we incorporate feedback from our customers so that we can continue to produce instruments that can be used for advanced applications across the globe. The T-600 takes us one step further in our pursuit of perfection.”

Following PlaneWave’s motor-design philosophy of using more magnets and less current to create torque, this gimbal can be run on a 15-amp U.S. household circuit—even with its impressive acceleration of up to 70 degrees/second2 and a maximum load capacity of 600 pounds. “We wanted this gimbal to excel regardless of how our customers plan to install it and what they intend to track,” said Eric Blackhurst, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PlaneWave. “It’s a game-changing solution that is truly one-of-a-kind in the market, with respect to performance and value.”

In its default configuration, the T-600 is more weatherized than any other direct-drive product that PlaneWave previously offered and is being introduced at an extremely attractive price point. “Institutions, companies, and government agencies who historically purchased small numbers of high-performance gimbals can now purchase several for the same cost,” added Blackhurst. “Our intent is to get more of these systems into space domain awareness, laser communication, aerospace, and defense industries, ultimately expanding high-capability gimbal use in all of these industries and their related applications.”

With this introduction, the PlaneWave team is looking to field systems for several new customer projects that otherwise would not be possible. For more information about the T-600 gimbal, please visit the product page on our website, or contact Eric Blackhurst.


T-600 Gimbal T-600 Gimbal