PlaneWave’s dedicated team led by Shelby Stubbe, Engineering & Optical Manager; Cameron Vittiglio, Field Experience & Install Manager; and Collin Heinen, Electrical Technician; recently executed a flawless installation of our 1-Meter telescope at Lowell Observatory. The experience not only showcased the expertise of the PlaneWave team but also provided them with a unique opportunity to explore Lowell Observatory’s remarkable facilities.

PlaneWave staff working on 1-meter  1-meter telescope

“The successful installation of the 1-meter telescope at Lowell Observatory marks another milestone in both organizations’ commitment to advancing astronomical research and exploration,” added Shelby Stubbe. Through their expertise and efficient execution, the team ensured the seamless integration of the telescope into the observatory’s infrastructure.

From un-crating to having the full system assembled and powered up took about 7 hours. This included time to prepare the telescope for first light–ensuring all cabling and components were working properly. Collimation adjustments stayed secure during transportation from the PlaneWave facility in Adrian, Michigan to Lowell’s Observatory located in Arizona. The proper instruments were attached and ready to be on-sky within the same day for testing later that evening.

Lowell Observatory is renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge astronomical research and public outreach. The facilities are designed to ensure optimal conditions for scientific exploration. The PlaneWave team found themselves immersed in an environment where every detail had been carefully considered, making their visit unforgettable. “The Lowell team has thought of everything to bring together an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience,” explained Cameron Vittiglio. “Seeing the Discovery telescope was incredible, and inspiring for the whole team.”