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M 81

Submitted by Planewave Instruments

© van den Berg, Mike; Ippel, MathijnImaged on the nights of 10,27,28 january 2011 ; 8,9,21 february 2011, 4,5,7,8,9 march 2011.

The data were acquired with two PlaneWave telescopes separated 57km from each other.

The luminance data were acquired with the PlaneWave CDK17 and the RGB data with his PlaneWave CDK12.5.

Total exposure time used 52 hours. We made 104 frames each exposed for 30 minutes unbinnned.

77 luminance frames and 27 frames for the RGB data.

LRGB = 2310:270:270:270 minutes. We have used the same imaging platform behind the PlaneWaves, a SBIG STL-11000M & AO-L system.

Imageprocessing has been done with CCDStack v2 and Photoshop CS5.