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M22 by Dave Collings

Submitted by Chelsea Chin

This is M22 sitting in the middle of the Milky Way, a stunning amount of stars!

  • Captured with my Plane Wave Instruments 12.5” CDK telescope with the PW 0.63 reducer on the Astro-Physics 1100 GTO CP4 mount.
  • My main camera is the ATIK 16200 Mono capturing this beautiful 5-hour LRGB Globular Cluster nestled in our Milky Way.

Being 3000 ft up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC allows for very dark skies yielding good details of the massive amount of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Subframe captures were 60 secs each for Luminance and 120 secs each for RGB.

M22 has an estimated 80,000 Suns in its cluster. The age of M22 is estimated to be 12 billion years and is only 10,000 light years from Earth located in Sagittarius.


David Collings – Blue Ridge Observatory | Sparta, North Carolina  USA