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NGC1333 by Dave Collings

Submitted by Chelsea Chin

 NGC1333 : Reflection Nebula

  • Imaged on November 18 through November 20th capturing 16 hours of LRGB data.
  • Plane Wave 12.5 CDK with the PW 0.66 reducer
  • Astro-Physics 1100GTO CP4 mount.
  • Main camera used is the ATIK 16200 Mono with Chroma filters.
  • Guider scope is the Astromania 400mm Refractor and ASI290mm guide camera.
  • The integration time was 7 hours Luminance, and 3 hours each for RGB for a total of 16 hours all 5 minute sub frames.

“NGC1333 is located in the northern constellation Perseus, positioned next to the southern constellation border with Taurus and Aries. The nebula is visible as a hazy patch in a small telescope, while a larger aperture will show a pair of dark nebulae designated Barnard 1 and Barnard 2. It is associated with a dark cloud L1450 (Barnard 205). Estimates of the distance to this nebula range from 980–1,140 light years from Earth.  It contains a  fairly typical hierarchy of star clusters that are still embedded in the molecular cloud in which they formed.”


David Collings – Blue Ridge Observatory | Sparta, North Carolina  USA