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Portable Rolling Pier

SKU# 600128

Price: $8,700.00


Don’t let bad weather stop you from enjoying your L-Series Mount every clear night. The Portable Rolling Pier lets you move your L-series Mount and telescope to the best spot for stargazing in no time. Just grab the steering T-handle and roll it wherever you want! With the auto-mount modeling feature in our PWI software, your L-Mount will be ready to capture amazing night sky images in minutes.


With the Portable Rolling Pier, you can now use your L-Series mount every clear night without having to leave it set up exposed to harsh elements. The Rolling Pier allows you to roll your l-series mount and telescope under the stars quickly and easily using the attached steering T-handle. Using auto-mount modeling in PWI software, your L-Mount can be ready to start imaging in just minutes.



  • All metal heavy-duty construction
  • Leveling feet jack screws
  • Cable access port on the side of the pier
  • T-Handle bar for easy steering and motion
  • Overall height = 20 inches
Weight 610 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 53 × 20 in