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Series-5 Focuser (Stackable with Series-5 Rotator)

SKU# 6011001

Price: $3,500.00

  • The Series-5 focuser is a large capacity focuser for use with Alt/Az, or equatorially mounted systems.
  • The focuser is capable of lifting 40 lbs (18 kg) with a travel range of  0.6-inches (15,200 microns).
  • The Series-5 focuser can be stacked with the Series-5 rotator for a complete focusing rotator solution (combined 2.78″ of occupied backfocus).
  • Occupies only 1.675” of backfocus.
  • 464.4283 encoder counts per micron
  • Controlled via PWI4 software for autofocusing and optional field de-rotation (if using an Alt/Az mounted system).
  • Requires the Series-5 Controller.
  • Compatible with the DeltaRho 350 and RC700 telescopes.



The Series -5 focuser has a clear aperture of 5″ and is only 1.675″ thick. The focuser is capable of lifting 40 lbs (18 kg) with a travel range of 15mm (15,000 microns).

While designing the new DeltaRho 350 we also wanted to design a new focuser and rotator that would add even more flexibility to our systems. The goal was to create a faster, stronger, focuser and rotator system that had a thinner profile than the IRF90. Our new Series-5 stackable focuser and rotator have achieved just that for users of our DeltaRho 350 and RC700 telescopes. Both the focuser and rotator offer a clear aperture of 5” and are designed to stack for users that require derotation. For those only needing focusing capabilities, the new focuser also occupies less backfocus, which means more room for imaging train components.

The Series-5 is currently compatible with the DeltaRho 350 and RC700. Adapter kits will become available to allow the Series-5 to secure to CDK14 through CDK700 telescopes.

The Series-5 focuser requires the Series-5 Controller (600199).

Install PlaneWave Interface 4 from our Downloads page here. Please also have the most recent ASCOM platform installed on your computer.



• Backfocus occupied: 1.675”
• Focuser travel range of 0.6”
• Clear aperture: 5”
• Weight capacity: 40 lbs
• Focuser weight: 6 lbs