Software and Updates

PlaneWave Interface 3 (PWI3)

EFA and Delta-T software for CDK12.5 thru CDK24 Telescopes

PlaneWave Interface 3.3.2 - Latest stable release
PlaneWave Interface 3.3.3 Beta 6 - Latest experimental release
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Controls the Electronic Focuser Assembly (EFA) and Delta-T Heater on PlaneWave telescopes. Includes ASCOM Focuser and Rotator drivers. Compatible with most CDK12.5, CDK14, CDK17, CDK20, and CDK24 telescopes.

If you communicate with your EFA through a cable connected to a Celestron hand controller, please install PWI Focus. If you wish to use PWI3, please contact PlaneWave Instruments for information on a cable upgrade kit.

SiTech Interface (STI)

Control software for A200 and Mathis fork mounts

STI 1.4.3 Final – Latest stable release
APM Catalog Installer – for PlateSolve

STI Southern Hemisphere Config for A200

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Controls PlaneWave A200 German Equatorial mount and Mathis fork mounts that use a Sidereal Technology control system. Includes an ASCOM mount driver.

PlaneWave Interface 2 for CDK700 (PWI2)

Control software for CDK700 telescopes

PlaneWave Interface for CDK700 (Serial numbers 005 and up)
PlaneWave Interface for CDK700 (Serial numbers 001 thru 004)
UCAC4 Catalog for CDK700 (Part 1 of 2)
UCAC4 Catalog for CDK700 (Part 2 of 2)
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Controls the mount, focusers, rotators, M3 mirror, and auxiliary hardware on PlaneWave CDK700 telescopes.

PlaneWave Mirror Cover Control (PWShutter)

PlaneWave Mirror Cover Control 1.0.1

Controls the optional mirror cover system for PlaneWave telescopes.

PWI Focus

PWI Focus 1.0.20
ASCOM Driver for PWI Focus

Used for CDK telescopes that connect to the EFA via a Celestron hand controller.

PWI Focus is no longer supported. If you wish to upgrade to the latest supported version of the PWI control software, please contact PlaneWave Instruments about a PC Cable Upgrade Kit.

PlateSolve 2

Standalone version of the PlateSolve utility. If you are downloading PWI3, STI, or PWI2 for CDK700, PlateSolve is already included and does not need to be downloaded separately.

Delta-T Firmware Update

Delta-T Firmware Update (firmware 1.0.13219 and 2.1.16054)

Update your Delta-T firmware to the latest version.

EFA Firmware Update

EFA Firmware Update (firmware 1.06)

Update your EFA box to the latest version.

Hand Controller Update

Hand Controller Update (firmware 1.02)

Update your Celestron-branded hand controller to the latest version.