PlaneWave has developed state-of-the-art optical manufacturing and testing facilities. From individual mirrors to complete optical systems, we are able to ensure that each of our products are of the highest quality necessary for demanding SDA applications.


We have an in-house mirror coating chamber with capabilities of protected enhanced aluminum and gold coatings. Additionally, we have relationships with coating laboratories if a client requires custom coatings to meet their mission requirements.


We have developed extensive motion control algorithms, astrometric analysis software, pointing analysis and correction software, and control system architectures that significantly enhance the performance of our gimbal systems.


Clients have implemented our high-performing optics and direct-drive gimbals for a variety of SLR applications.


We have developed partnerships with subject matter experts within the Optical Communication industry. These partners allow us to offer turn-key observatory solutions for Optical Communication applications such as:

  • Sensors with necessary adapters for reaching backfocus
  • Coating options to enhance light transmission for specific wavelengths
  • Software to perform:
    • Post and real-time analysis of asset performance and data
    • Advanced mount/gimbal and sensor control
    • Laser control and safety
    • Observatory/ground station control and situational awareness
  • Domes to protect your assets from different environmental conditions including:
    • Climatization management
    • Configurations to assist with night and day-time operations
  • Site weather and atmospheric characterization data
  • Site safety parameter implementations depending on the use