PlaneWave telescopes and mounts have a longstanding heritage within the astronomical community. The astronomy market itself has different customers with different applications. For example, astrophotographers, professional research astronomers, public observatories, and citizen science users. For all these uses, our PlaneWave systems represent the pinnacle of performance and value.


Space Situational Awareness (SSA) or Space Domain Awareness (SDA) is the identification, characterization and understanding of any factor, passive or active, associated with the space domain.  PlaneWave provides optical tracking solutions with our robotic telescopes with integrated passive and/or active sensor suites to achieve your mission requirements.

Free-Space Orbital Communication

In combination with PlaneWave’s high quality optical telescopes and direct drive gimbals, we are capable of providing turn-key optical ground stations that will meet the future challenges associated with FSOC applications. Our team has been awarded contracts from NASA and Australian National University to implement our RC700 system for optical ground stations that will be utilized for advancing the capability of FSOC.

Defense Applications

PlaneWave’s direct drive gimbals and optical telescopes are capable of meeting the strict standards required for mission-critical defense applications. We work closely with clients’ to ensure our engineered solutions surpass mission requirements.