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NGC 6888, Crescent Nebula

Submitted by Planewave Instruments

© Geissinger, RolfCrescent-Nebula NGC6888.

Composite of one H-alpha and one OIII Image, using a special Bi-color technique described by Steve Cannistra.

NGC6888, Another Version  NGC6888, LRGB Version

Location: Remseck, South-Germany, balcony obervatory
Date: 31th of August 2009
Scope: Planewave 12.5″ CDK (corrected Dall Kirkham)
Camera: QHY8 one-shot camera (!)
Mount: 10micron GM2000 with OAG autoguider
Ha: 3.5h exposure time (30min subexposures) 7nm filter
OIII: 5.5h exposure time (30min subexposures) 8.5nm filter