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PlaneWave Equatorial Wedge and Pier Adapter Plate

Submitted by Chelsea Chin

PlaneWave Equatorial Wedge and Pier Adapter Plate

“The PlaneWave L500 mount is mounted equatorially on the observatory pier via a PlaneWave Wedge. The Wedge is attached to a PlaneWave Pier Adaptor Plate, which is bolted to the concrete pier. The wedge has adjustment bolts that allow the polar alignment to be adjusted +/- three degrees in both azimuth and altitude. The PlaneWave Pointing Model software will plate solve images and determine the error in the polar alignment and advise how many turns of the azimuth and altitude adjustment knobs are needed to achieve better polar alignment. After that, the Pointing Model will compensate out virtually all errors and the L500 will beautifully center targets. Of course, with a fork mount, no pier flips are ever required.”

Rod Pommier – Pommier Observatory | Portland, Oregon USA

Rod Pommier Astrophotography