Pricing Policy

To offer the most competitive pricing possible, our advertised prices assume cash payment and compliance with our deposit and payment terms (see below).

We accept Cash, Personal, cashier or corporate checks and wire transfers. We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express subject to a surcharge – see Credit Card Surcharges below) for orders not covered by reseller discounts. We do accept educational, governmental, and corporate purchase orders, subject to approval of payment terms by PlaneWave Instruments (see Net 30/Net 60 Terms below).

Deposits and Pre-Shipment Payments (Standard Terms):


Our standard terms require a 50% deposit for PlaneWave OTAs, mounts, and complete systems. A deposit is not required for off-the-shelf PlaneWave accessories. A full deposit (100%) is required for custom PlaneWave products and accessories, as well as third-party goods (cameras, filters, domes, etc.). Request for final payment will be sent 2-4 weeks prior to the estimated ship date. Payments must be received before shipments leave PlaneWave. Personal checks must clear before the shipment.

Installation, Consulting, and Engineering Services

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, PlaneWave labor charges, third-party labor charges, and any related travel costs are to be paid prior to the start of work.

Net-30/Net-60 Terms

For PlaneWave-approved educational, governmental, and corporate purchase orders, we do offer net-payment terms. Net-30 (from shipment) terms will be offered with a 5% markup to standard cash-payment pricing. Net-60 (from shipment) terms will be offered with a 10% markup to standard cash-payment pricing. In both cases, finance fees will be applied to any late payments at a rate of 5%/month, compounding weekly.

Credit-Card Surcharges

Credit card payments are subject to a 3.5% surcharge, for both deposit payments and final, pre-shipment payments. If net-payment terms invoices are paid via credit card, the credit card surcharge will be applied to the marked-up net-payment terms pricing (see above).