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Ascend – Mount Balancing Accessory for A200 and L-Series Mounts

SKU# 600382

Price: $380.00


The Ascend – Balancing Accessory for Planewave A200 Equatorial Mount



Now one person can easily balance a CDK on the L-Series mounts using the Ascend accessory. The Ascend can attach to either the front or rear of the #200919 dovetail clamp and precisely slide the CDK forward or back for accurate balance. Ascend uses a long pushrod to safely balance in the mount’s declination/altitude axis with the turn of a bolt.

Optional Counterweight Accessories

600540 – Dovetail assembly with 3″ shaft

600541 – Dovetail assembly with 6″ shaft

600377 – 4.5 lb counter weight

600378 – 9 lb counter weight

Ascend also includes an integrated dovetail bar that can hold additional counterweights when switching out heavy equipment for a lighter imaging or visual setup.



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