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PlaneWave Technical Service Subscription




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Details of PlaneWave Technical Service Subscription

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Extended Warranties for PlaneWave CDK700 and CDK1000 Telescopes allow the two‐year mechanics and electronics coverage of the Standard Warranty to be extended in one‐year increments, up to 5 years from the covered product’s date of purchase. extended warranties cover all parts and labor costs necessary to repair and return the covered product to manufacturer’s original specifications, but the customer will be responsible for any necessary travel‐costs if onsite‐repair by PlaneWave staff (or an  authorized 3rd‐party) is required.*

*Governments and institutions may request a quote and purchase pre‐paid travel coverage.

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What is not covered:


  • Optical coatings
  • Scratches, chips, or other surface defects in optical surfaces resulting from cleaning or other  handling
  • Cosmetic wear
  • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, or modification not authorized by PlaneWave
  • Damage resulting from weather or poor environmental control, including but not limited to rain,  ice, snow, dust/sand, pollen, power‐surges, or brownouts
  • Damage resulting from improper storage, lightning, fire, flood, earthquake, riot, war, or acts of  God
  • Maintenance, including but not limited to cleaning, and mechanical lubrication
  • Compatibility with third‐party equipment, unless installed by PlaneWave
  • Compatibility with third‐party software
  • Travel‐Costs (airfare, rental car, room and board) for PlaneWave staff (and/or authorized third-party) if onsite‐repair is required

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