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QHY461Pro M

SKU# QHY461Pro M

Price: $26,000.00


The QHY411/461 has both USB3.0 and 2*10GigaE interfaces. The 2*10GigaE version supports a higher readout speed.

QHY411/QHY461 have both mono and color version. The application of this camera includes astronomy imaging, astronomy photography, space object survey, satellite tracking, etc.

Benefiting from its back-illuminated pixel structure, the QHY411 has a large full well of 80ke-. And when using 2 * 2 binning, the full well can reach 320ke-, corresponding to a merged pixel size of 7.5um * 7.5um; while at 3 * 3 binning, the full well can be up to 720ke- with a large pixel size of 11um * 11um, which is much larger than any other CCD or CMOS sensor of the same pixel size. Combined with the low readout noise,  the camera has a large dynamic range advantage.


*This item is on QHYCCD’s 2023 Year-End Sale! Starts November 23rd til December 31st.



Model QHY461
Image Sensor SONY IMX461 BSI CMOS Sensor
Pixel Size 3.76um x 3.76um
Color / Mono Version Both Available
Image Resolution 11760 × 8896
Effective Pixels 102 Megapixels
Effective Image Area 44mm x 33mm
Sensor Surface Glass AR+AR Multi-Coating Clear Glass
Full Well Capacity (1×1, 2×2, 3×3) 50ke- / 200ke- / 450ke- in Standard Mode
80ke- / 320ke- / 720ke- in Extend Full Well Mode
A/D 16-bit (0-65535 greyscale) for 1X1Binning

18bit in 2X2   19BIT in 3X3  20BIT in 4*4 software Binning

Sensor Size TYPICAL 3.4inch
Read Noise 1e to 3.7e (in HGC mode)
Dark Current Approx 0.003e/pixel/sec @ -20C
Exposure Time Range 50us – 3600sec
Frame Rate 2.7FPS @ 8BIT   1.3FPS@16BIT  on USB3.0
2.7FPS @ 16BIT   6FPS @ 14BIT on 10Gigabit Fiber
Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter
Computer Interface USB3.0 and 2*10Gigabit Fiber
Trigger Port Programmable TrigOut, High Speed Sync Port / GPS interface Port
Filter Wheel Interface 4PIN QHYCCD CFW Port
Built-in Image Buffer 2GByte
FPGA Upgrade Via USB Support
Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler(-35C below ambient with air cooling, -45C below ambient with ambient temperature water cooling). More deltaT below ambient can be achieve by using the cooled water cooling.

(Test temperature +20°)

Fan Cooling/Water Cooling Compatible

Recommended flow rates for water-cooled versions 12ml/s
Anti-Dew Heater Yes
Telescope Interface Six Screw holes  (See mechanical drawing)
Optic Window Type AR+AR High-Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
Back Focal Length 16mm (without tilt adjust ring)28.5mm (with tilt adjust ring)