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Price: $280.00


The main purpose of the OAG is to use the same optical path as the main camera. This avoids the problem of differential deflection that can occur when using a separate optical system for guiding. This method provides more accurate guiding and sharper images.

QHYOAG includes a precision 1.25-inch helical focuser that accepts our QHY5II and QHY5III cameras. The focusing process is comfortable. After focusing, you can lock the focus mechanism with thumbscrews.

QHYOAG has three models. The major difference is its different diameter. The three model are QHYOAG-S,QHYOAG-M,QHYOAG-L. QHYOAG is a thin and solid design. The OAG main body is just 10mm thick. Adding an M42 thread or M54 adapter ring adds only 3mm for a total thickness of 13mm. There are six 3mm through holes in the OAG for direct connection to the QHYCFW and QHY A Series cameras

There is a focuser in the QHYOAG. It is for the focus adjustment of the guider. There is a thumb to lock the position. When focusing please loose this thumb. After focusing get well, lock it. Please do not move the focus ring when in lock status to avoid the damage. When it is locked, you will still find the focus ring can be rotate a little. This is normal and the focus is not changing.
The light patch hole of the QHYOAG is 7mm for the guider camera.



Telescope Interface M62/0.75
Diameter of 6 x M3 screw hole positions 68mm
Suitable for CCD/CMOS Size Larger than Full Frame
Compatible Products CFW3XL



Guide Camera Interface 1.25-inch
Weight 149g