PlaneWave Instruments 24-inch CDK

Faraway galaxies, stars and planets come to life through the view of a new 24-inch research telescope atop Georgia College’s Herty Hall.

As powerful as many telescopes along the East Coast, the 300-pound telescope can zoom to planets and deep-sky objects like star clusters and cosmic clouds. The high-powered telescope gathers nearly six times the amount of light as the previous 10-inch model located on Herty Hall’s outside rooftop.

“This telescope will not only allow students more observation and research opportunities,” said Dr. Donovan Domingue, professor of physics and astronomy at Georgia College and telescope facilitator, “but also will provide sky viewing for our local community.”

“It’s exciting to have the telescope installed and ready for use,” said Domingue. “Now the public and our campus can search for asteroids and galaxies like never before.”