An Update from Georgia State University

In March 2022, the PlaneWave installation team embarked on a mission to integrate the CDK700‘s revolutionary optical design and innovative direct-drive mount technology at Georgia State University. This upgrade amplified cutting-edge research, astrophotography, and visual observation not only for the university’s students and faculty but also for the broader Atlanta community.

One of the standout features of the CDK700 is its Nasmyth focus flexibility, a game-changer for public observatory programs that GSU plans to host. This feature enables seamless transitions between visual and imaging use, offering a dynamic and engaging experience for both seasoned astronomers and those taking their first steps into the cosmos.

The CDK700 isn’t just a telescope; it’s a tool for advancing astronomical research. Georgia State University continues to harness its power for speckle photometry, a technique that involves short exposures to mitigate the impact of atmospheric conditions, capturing high-resolution, detailed images. To push the boundaries even further, GSU is enhancing its imaging capabilities with an adaptive optics unit, minimizing the effects of atmospheric seeing.


Follow their journey on YouTube @PhysAstr and stay tuned for more updates!