The Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard is an integral part of the Trottier Studio for Innovative Science Education. Both facilities are uniquely dedicated to bringing science education and astronomy to children, youth and the general public.

Nestled within the heart of the Burnaby campus, the Trottier Observatory is the flagship facility in the Faculty of Science’s myriad outreach programs.

The observatory features a six-meter-diameter dome housing a CDK700, 0.7-metre (28 inch) diameter reflector telescope that is capable of tracking distant galaxies billions of years old.

The telescope  also provides a digital feed and can be remotely accessed and deployed by community groups and schools across Canada.

The CDK700 has an alt-azimuth mount and two observation ports. The main imaging camera is installed at one port , which has a built-in field de-rotator, and an integrated guiding camera. The the other port has a “periscope”  that is used for visual observation, and also for interfacing with other equipment, including our spectrographs.

CDK700 with “Periscope” attachment for visual use

CDK700 at Simon Fraser University in Canada