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Why should you use PlaneWave L-series?

  • Whether your goal is astrophotography, research, or satellite tracking, PlaneWave’s L-series mounts come standard with direct drive motors for superior tracking precision and fast slewing. High resolution encoders incorporated on each axis provide rock solid tracking. In-house developed motor tuning software will automatically optimize the direct drive motor performance and mount modeling within our PWI4 software will enable accurate pointing.


Why should you use a direct drive mount?

  • With a PlaneWave mount you will experience backlash-free and periodic error-free tracking thanks to the direct drive motor technology. Direct drive mounts do not incorporate gears, so offer years of maintenance-free demanding use. Direct drives are highly responsive, silent in operation, and can easily track fast moving targets such as low earth orbit satellites (slewing up to 50 degrees/sec).
  • Direct drive motor performance in the PlaneWave L-series use scaled down technology we implemented in our 1-meter observatory system. The proof is in the tracking performance below!

Messier 101 by Kurious George with his CDK24 and L-600.