Bridging the Gap: Jackson College’s New PlaneWave CDK700 Observatory

The journey from planning the installation of PlaneWave’s CDK700 Observatory System at Jackson College has been a remarkable one. This project isn’t just about stargazing; it’s about bringing the universe closer to the community, students, and the researchers of tomorrow. Thanks to generous grants and funding, Jackson College eagerly embraced the opportunity to give students hands-on experience with the cutting-edge PlaneWave CDK.

This installation represents an exceptional opportunity for students and researchers alike to engage in hands-on learning with PlaneWave’s CDK700. It’s not merely an observatory; it’s a gateway to STEM education, embracing astrophysics, mathematics, science, astronomy, and chemistry. The Jackson College Astronomical Observatory, made possible by PlaneWave and its esteemed partners, stands as a testament to the boundless potential of human curiosity and the power of collaboration in pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

Crane placing telescope into dome PlaneWave team installing CDK700

Transforming Vision into Reality

PlaneWave didn’t just deliver a telescope; they played an integral role in selecting the perfect location and team of collaborators to make the project come to life. With years of experience installing observatory systems, PlaneWave was able to connect the college with Sea West Observatories– the team behind the construction efforts, and Ash Dome–the company responsible for the dome design.

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