Cranbrook Institute of Science in Michigan

A remote controllable 20-inch CDK research grade system will be partnered with a 6-inch Takahashi refractor and a Lunt solar telescope for better viewing capabilities and even live observation of the sun. The CDK20 sits atop a Planewave A200 German Equatorial mount making the telescope fully remote and controllable from a PC. In addition, high […]

posted January 23, 2015

Planewave Telescopes on the iTelescope Network The 0.7 meter Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph by Planewave and will be the largest system we offer in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as the largest system on the iTelescope network.  The Planewave CDK 700 is a masterpiece of engineering, containing not only the largest mirror on the iTelescope Network, but also […]

posted August 15, 2014

Modesto College

CDK700 at Modesto College The roof of the Science Community Center will be an observation platform for astronomy lab courses and public viewing. Student imaging will be done with a 12-inch PlaneWave Corrected Dall Kirkham telescope. The observatory will be accessed from the roof and will house a PlaneWave CDK 700, a wonderful 28-inch telescope designed for imaging and public viewing. TheCDK […]

posted August 14, 2014

Exo-planet Search at CalTech

Minerva will be an array of PlaneWave CDK700 telescopes outfitted for both photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy. It will be the first U.S. observatory dedicated to exoplanetary science capable of both precise radial velocimetry and transit studies. The multi-telescope concept will be implemented to either observe separate targets or a single target with a larger effective aperture. […]

posted January 22, 2014

Prescott Observatory

Prescott Observatory  was built by Paul G. Comba and is now owned and operated by Matt Francis. The observatory is located south of Prescott,  Arizona, and is dedicated to the study of cosmology. Refurbished in 2011, the observatory houses a PlaneWave CDK 24 inch telescope with two Takahashi wide field refractors in the dome. It […]

posted October 25, 2013

Rory Sweet Observatory

Owned by Rory Sweet and designed by award-winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, the Observatory houses a CDK20”.  Located on the 12,000 acre Waterberg reserve, guests can explore the African skies with the computer automated 20 inch Planewave CDK telescope. Beneath the dome is an double-story library, which can only be described as an […]

posted August 15, 2013

Long Mountain Observatory

Montgomery Bell Academy’s Long Mountain Observatory near McMinnville, TN was completed in 2011. The observatory is equipped with a PlaneWave CDK 24 telescope and integrated rotating focuser on a PlaneWave Ascension 200HR mount. The telescope is equipped with an SBIG STL 11000M camera with Astrodon filters to permit RGB and narrow band imaging as well […]

posted April 5, 2013

University of Louisville

CDK700 in Queensland, Australia The CDK700 is a 27-inch, state-of-the-art, corrected Dall Kirkham telescope. On a Nasmyth mounting with precision encoders, it can point anywhere in the sky within a few seconds, to a precision of a few seconds of arc. The telescope has two focal positions. One is for imaging and photometry with a 4096×4096 […]

posted February 1, 2013

Georgia College

 PlaneWave Instruments 24-inch CDK Faraway galaxies, stars and planets come to life through the view of a new 24-inch research telescope atop Georgia College’s Herty Hall. As powerful as many telescopes along the East Coast, the 300-pound telescope can zoom to planets and deep-sky objects like star clusters and cosmic clouds. The high-powered telescope gathers […]

posted January 28, 2013

California State University San Bernardino

PlaneWave Instruments 17-inch CDK Twin 46-foot high domes house two telescopes in the Pauline and George Murillo Observatory which opened in November of 2011. The university hopes to partner with Inland Empire schools so that students will be able to view the sun, moon and stars from their own backyards. “This extends to the people […]

posted January 28, 2013